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Presentations from Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference 2015

Here are all the presentations from our Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference 2015 in Oslo November 19-20, 2015.

Elon Musk: - Thank you, Norway!

Tesla founder Elon Musk delivered a heartfelt and grateful «thank you» to Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association for Norway´s strong support to electric vehicles.

Join our Nordic EV conference!

Don´t miss the opportunity to join the «Nordic Smart Electric Transport Conference». The event takes place in the mighty EV capital of the world, Oslo, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November.

Diesel scandal: Time to take zero emissions seriously

The NOx emissions nightmare of Volkswagen keeps growing, while the pack of car manufacturers sit very tight. The scandal offers a positive getaway for everyone.

The world´s best place for EV tourism

- Boasting charging opportunities for more than 60 cars, we welcomed a crowd of EV drivers to world famous tourist spot Geiranger, Norway, says Christina Bu of Norsk elbilforening. Watch movie here!

25,000 have watched our scenic EV video

«Some of the best 2 mins you can spend today», «Wow! This is good» and «Amazing HD video of an EV rally in Norway!». It´s #throwbackthursday!

This is the world´s biggest charging garage

With its new charging garage underneath Akershus fortress, boasting 86 charging points, Norwegian capital Oslo continues to lead the way for electric transport.

Norwegian electric car user experiences 2014

Norway has the highest number of electric cars per capita in the world.

A guide to Norway, the world's leading EV market

EV success story



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